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OFSHEEA Wants Your Ideas

Do you have an article, resource or idea you would like to contribute to the tri-annual newsletter, OFSHEEA Ideas?

Newsletter entries can be submitted via email to 

Every professional organization strives to recognize its members for the amazing work they do...OFSHEEA is no different! As teachers we teach the rest of the world so that they can be successful in their careers. As Social Science teachers we teach people to be successful in their everyday lives.

We have great professionals that do this everyday in many different settings and it is important to recognize their dedication and hard work. Each year OFSHEEA encourages nominations for each of the awards listed here. Each award has an application form accessed on our Awards Tab. We have listings of previous winners and all of the information for nominating a colleague for the work they do.

All submissions are to be made to the awards committee by July 31 to be considered for selection in that year. Nomination packages are to be mailed to the office by this date. The awards selection committee then reviews the applications and makes final selections. All awards are celebrated at our Awards Luncheon held at our annual fall conference and meeting in November.

You the professionals know the people that are working hard in our classrooms and you are the ones in the right place to make the nominations. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact the office for more information.

Upcoming Conferences

OFSHEEA 2020 Virtual Conference: Family Studies Throughout the Lifespan: September 26th

Check out the conference pages for more information.


49 Day(s) Left to Register

Presentation submissions are closed.


Looking to Make a Difference?

Are you interested in giving back to the Family Studies Home Economics community? OFSHEEA is currently looking for individuals for the following volunteer positions on the Board of Directors:  




If you are interested in learning more, please email to get in touch with a Board member.





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